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Wah Fuzz !

I had never been happy with my Morley PWV Wah Pedal, no matter what I did to it the Wah effect was never bright enough for my liking , so rather than mod the tone circuit I thought I’d incorporate a Fuzz Circuit inside instead.  Rather than build the circuit from Scratch I bought a pre-made PCB from Poodles Pedal shop and got to work!

The pedal before the work, A bog standard Morley PWV, nice solid metal treddle wah.

The first thing I did was to remove the level control potentiometer (it was soldered directly onto the Wah’s PCB and run three wires to a replacement pot). I then drilled a new hole to accomodate the new potentiometer.  I wanted to turn the fuzz on and off via footswitch so I widened the hole left by the old level control and inserted the new switch in its place –




The next stage was to clear space to insert the Fuzz PCB.

The best place for this was at the top of the pedal so I needed to remove a top section of the PC to create.  After studying the PCB to make sure that I wasn’t going to kill the existing circuit I took about it with a hacksaw and chopped a segment away from the top!


There was no going back!

At this stage I though it was a good idea to make sure that the Wah pedal still worked!  I plugged it an and…. deadly silence. Crap! I had a look at the bit I’d cut out and it was mainly a chunk of copper, earth/grounding.  I guessed that the right hand side of the board was no longe connected to the left. Fortunately the Wah PCB has lots of unused solder pads spare to I simply soldered an earth wire from the right to the left of the board and BINGO! wah was working again.

Next thing was to mark out where the holes needed to be drilled to accomodate the fuzz pots.  I did this with a crudely made paper template, a hole punh and hand drill –



Holes were drilled and Fuzz PCB put into place, perfect fit –



With Fuzz PCB in place the next thing was wire up the new footswitch –


I wanted to use the existing output Jack Socket so needed to insert the Fuzz circuit between the output of the wah circuit and the output jack socket.  Luckily I traced the route of the output socket on the pcb to a point where a jumper connecter bridged across the PCB. This was a perfect place to snip the connection and run wires to and from the new switch to the fuzz circuit.

All the switch wires were connected to the new fuzz pcb and eart sockets and all that was left to do was drill a new hole to place an LED indicator for the fuzz circuit –


All nuts and bolts were tightened, re-assembly of the casing and job done!



The final product –


Notes –

There is little clearance between the wah PCB and casing. Sawing off the top of the board also meant sawing off a little rubber standoff that stopped the board touching the casing.  I used a piece of non conductive foam between case and PCB to prevent any shorts.   Also this mod leaves the circuit side of the fuzz pcb exposed when you remove the battery cover, I consider this pedal mains only from now on!

Videos to follow……..