We’ve done a lot of songs over the decades and here is a list of some of our favourite ones (in reverse chronological order).
Details of other band member project releases can be found in the “Other Projects” section.

Various Artists – A Very Cherry Christmas 9 (Cherryade Records 2013)

Track – Empty Boxes


The album can be ordered from here –



Various Artists – The Real New Forum LP (FOF 2013)

Track –  My Ex-Classmates Kids



Various Artists – A Very Cherry Christmas 8 (Cherryade Records 2012)

Track – Hey Santa (mis-named Dear Santa on the CD).



Otalgia contribute again to Rachael Neiman’s wonderful annual treat.


Various Artists – A Very Cherry Christmas 7 (Cherryade Records 2011)

Track – Hill Of Angels

A Very Cherry Christmas 7


Otalgia add a track to this great Christmas compilation that has become an institution!

More information here – http://www.cherryademusic.co.uk/buyavcc7.html

Also available from the usual Digital Music retailers.



Is That Squirrel Relevant EP (Disques De Otalgia 2011)

Tracks – Juniper / Is that Squirrel Relevant / Demi Stars

Is that squirrel relevant EP

A 3 Track Ltd Edition CD (100 made) featuring the Legendary Ted Chippington (intro and Vocals on Track 2).  The CD was made exclusively to be given away at the John Peel tribute gig “Un-Peeled” at the Preston Continental club on 29th October 2011.  A Free download of the EP is available in the downloads section of the website.


Various Artists – Hex Enduction Hours (Fall Forum 2011)
Track – Hip Priest (Alternate Take)

Hex Enuction Ours Cover

Hex Enuction Ours Cover


Otalgias contribution to the wonderful double disk of Fall forum fans covering songs off the iconic Fall album Hex Enduction Hour.  Available as a free download from here – http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/thefall/index.php?showtopic=29367

Various Artists – A Very Cherry Christmas Vol 6 (Cherryade Records 2010)
Track – Melting Friends

Cherryade Records Christmas LP 2010

Otalgia provide the opening track on the fantastic Cherryade Records annual Christmas CD, bulging with 21 audio stocking fillers from the likes of The Bobby McGee’s, Doris and the Jumpers, The 10p Mixes, Curly Hair, Christa Rebecca, Partly Llama, Momeraths, Paraffins, Grant Curnow and many more. Features backing vox from Amelia Pup Jones.


Various Artists – The Music Is Taboo Vol 2 (Rotcod 2008)
Track – Absence

The Music Is Taboo Volume 2

The vocoded voice of John Peel opens Otalgias punkfest of a track on this 2 disc compilation of various artists performing the songs of the legendary experimental music pioneers Renaldo & The Loaf. Compliled and released by the band on their own Rotcod label, this double CD was available as a free download. More information on this release and a free download is availabe at – http://mrsneff.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/the-music-is-taboo-part2/

Various Artists – Bliss 121 (Bliss Aquamarine Tapes 1998)
Track – Siminon

Bliss 121 Cassette Cover

A compilation tape also featuring Aberdeen Loving Gods, Ninja Massacre, Sensus, Wake Up 37, The Hitchers, Violafan, Bugeye, Nothing 2 Declare, Super Massive Object and Nick Decay. Noisepop, indierock, punkpop. Sadly the release is long out of print.

Various Artists – Good Evening We Are Not The Fall ( 1996)
Track – C.R.E.E.P

Good Evening We Are Not The Fall Cover

A 25 track compilation cassette tape of cover versions of Fall songs by members of the FallNet.  The cassette can be downloaded for free from Derek Erdmans wonderful site –



Various Artists – Mindless Slaughter (Anhrefn Records 1988)
Track – Porcupain

mindless slaughter cover

The song was recorded in The Kitchen Studio, Hulme, Manchester for this Artists for Animals album. Unfortunately the tape was mastered wrong and the released version sounded like chickens being slaughtered!!! The guitar sounds painfully loud – it was – a 100W Marshall turned up full in a 4ft square room – ouch! A great compilation including the wonderful 3 Johns, Chumbawamba, Mekons and our Didsbury noisy neighbours The Membranes amongst others. More info on this LP can be found here – http://punkygibbon.co.uk/bands/various/various_mindlessslaughter.html

Your Sinclair Magazine – Cover Tape(1986)
Track – Too Late Mary

Your Sinclair Magazine December 1986


Back in 1986 (when we were Still called The Black Mist) we used a Sinclair Spectrum Drum Machine in our band.  This led to interest from Your Sinclair computer magazine and we ended up getting the bus from Manchester to London to spend a day of gothic pouting and midi bashing to create a track for the magazine cover tape and produce a video (again using a Sinclair 48k spectrum!!). The full article can be viewed here –



5 Track Demo – The Black Mist Tape(1986)
Tracks – Alchobrain, Dead Mouse, Hurry along Timmy, Shade Shade, Sinister Motel

Black Mist Cassette Cover

A five track tape that was sold by mail order only.  Recorded in a flat in Didsbury using a 4-Track Portastudio and a cheap Casio keyboard. Fuzzy and squeaky no frills garage DIY punk. It was author Dave Haslams review of this tape that led to our name change!