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A chronological list of other groups featuring members of Otalgia.

The Early Years 1980-84

Back in the early Eighties Mike was fortunate to get a guitar from Woolworths as a Christmas present.  With no idea on how to play he tuned all the strings to a major E chord and started to play.  After a few months Mike responded to an advert in a music paper looking for band members.  The person placing the Advert (Dean Poole) fortunately lived locally and Slime were born! Both Mike and Dean were heavily into the home taping music scene, so instantly bonded.



Slime were Mike Jones – Vocals/Guitar and Dean Poole – Vocals/Drums.  Originally the band played tunes with a Spizzoil similarity, shouty vocals over a fuzzy guitar background.  A gig in a Penarth Church and a couple of home recorded demo’s resulted in a split cassette release aptly titled “First Takes – Music to Scrynge to”. The cassette was a joint release with NCP (No commercial potential) on Rob Gillhams Vree Tapes (If you don’t like it – wipe it!!).

Dean purchased a snare drum and high hat and Slime mutated into The Chromosomes.




The Chromosomes

The Chromosomes were Mike Jones – Guitar/Vocals, Dean Poole-Drums and Jason Sticker on Bass. The band recorded a great demo at the Lengendary Street Level Studios in London (Thanks to Kif Kif and Grant Showbiz for use of their guitars and drums!) and these songs released on a Cassette titled “Flux of Sound” on Dean Pooles Sexy Records Cassette Label.

The Chromosomes played one gig at a Mid Wales festival, where Dean sang and a drummer (from Bourbounese Qualk) stood in.  Also following this festival Rob Gillham of NCP took us to a studio where each member was isolated and could only hear the drum track via headphones.  The discordant outcome was both original and disastrous at the same time!

At around this time the band entered a “Battle of the bands” competition for local Cardiff Radio Station CBC.  The band recorded 2 tracks “Abort the system & Rot all Rulers”.  We were then told that only one track was allowed to be entered into the competition so we spliced the two songs into one.  The song finished 3rd… out of 3.

Shortly after this the band had another name change to The Average and the addtion of a new guitarist Adrian Podassa (found via a music advert). Adrian could play the guitar and taught Mike some proper chords.




The Rancid (UK)

Not long after Adrian joining the Average, Jason was asked to leave the band and a singer was recruited – John Withey. The band practiced weekly at Cogan Hall with Mike and Adrian playing guitar, John singing and Dean on the Drums. The lineup changed quickly, Jason was recruited back to the band as guitarist and Mike was demoted to bass guitar.  Shortly after Jasons return Mike was fired (for reasons unknown) and replaced by Rob Dumazell.  Jason was later ejected and replaced by Chris Georgalis (not sure that was spelt right!).  The Rancid continued long after Mike and Jason leaving.

Around the same time as The Rancid recordings Mike was launching his Tape Label (CTOANR) and printing a fanzine called More Dead Than Alive. The Label released a few compilations (featuring the likes of APF Brigade, Instant Automatons and The Stripey Zebras). Mike had a tape of his own songs called “Pretty Flowers” released on Derby Cassette label Mudbath Corporation.





Tracks from Mikes Pretty Flowers tape, the Chromosomes Radio Broadcast & songs from Flux of sound were all included on the Messthetics Greatest Hiss CD, released in 2009 on Chuck Warners excellent Hyped To Death label. More info here – http://hyped2death.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=128









With both Mike and Jason out of the band, they decided to form their own band The Effigies.


Effigies (UK)

Mike & Jason (Pipeman) Circa 1982The Effigies were initially Jason Stickler – Guitar/Vocals and Mike Jones on Bass and Vocals.  For the first couple of months the band were drummerless and used a Casio VL-Tone for drums. The band had several drummers throughout their career – Martin Hill, Dean Poole and Adam.  The history of the band is well documented on their myspace site here – http://www.myspace.com/theeffigiesuk . Neil Dunnit was also a guitarist in the band for a brief period. He left to Join Shelleys Children and later Cuckooland.

After the band had split in 1984 – Mike met and married K and went on to form Black Mist/Otalgia, Jason joined Some Weird Sin and Dean drummed for several bands including The Living Legends, Slaughter Tradition and currently plays in the excellent Science Bastard.


Other bands featuring Otalgia Members

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