Your Sinclair Black Mist (Otalgia) Article December 1986

Not having a drummer meant that we had to use Drum Machines in the band.  Drum machines weren’t cheap and when computer company Cheetah launched their Drum machine for the zx Spectrum computer it was a godsend!  We recorded a demo using the Specdrum and sent a few random tapes out to fanzines and magazines.  This led to 2 things (1) The band changing their name to Otalgia after Dave Haslam’s review in Debris magazine and (2) A free trip to London and a feature on the band in the computer magazine Your Sinclair.  The magazine also included our song “too late Mary” on their Jan 87 covertape!

Heres the article, lots of gothic pouting going on!

Your Sinclair Magazine Cover Dec 1986Black Mist Your Sinclair Article, December 1986 - Page OneYour Sinclair Otalgia interview Page 2Your Sinclair Otalgia interview Page 3Black Mist (Otalgia) Your Sinclair Article, December 1986 - Page 4Your Sinclair Magazine Dec 1986. Features on Black Mist (Otalgias previous name!).